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"I've been using The Secret for 5 weeks. Previously, my skin
was dull, flaky and pores were large. Since using the secret
my pores are much smaller, I know have a glow to my skin.
I've even been told I look much younger. I really recommend
this product for all your skin care needs"
Janelle H/ FL
"Hi Stephi ~ I waited a few days before jumping up and down
and shouting hallelujah!! I'm thrilled to say that is exactly
what I'm doing!!!
Your soap can only be described as a miracle!!!
Thanks a bizillion!!! Many blessings!!!!" Rita T/ FL
"Love The Soap Box. The soaps are amazing. Leave you feeling very clean. Such a pleasure!"          Tammy Z/ FL

You have the most AMAZING products!"            Maria B/ FL

"Love the bath salts."               Pat D/ FL

"After I use B2B soap, I feel so clean, without feeling like there's a lot of residue left on my skin.  It's so refreshing!"               David C/ FL

"I am on my second batch of clean green stain eraser!! My WHITE CARPET, once pet stained, is once again WHITE. Another fine product from the Soap Box. And as always, the service was excellent "           Donna C/ FL

We ONLY shop for our soap with The Soap Box..... GREAT for the skin, mind, rest of the body & OUR WALLET....thank you."
Wil W/ FL

"The Soap Box makes the best castile soap!"
Dominic D/ FL

The Soap Box Secret...WONDERFUL.  A must have, it is all I use...well, that and your castile soap bar.  Winning Combo!!!!!  Grateful to have found you and your shop."                     Kenya S/ FL

"It is always a pleasure to purchase the outstanding products you carry at this location. I will continue to spread the word about this pure product and stellar service."                          Ken W/ FL

"I used the salt scrub - it's really creamy - wonderful! The owner's story alone is worth a visit (and purchases). I'm very glad I decided to stop in on my way back to the hotel. Awesome!"                     Diane P/ parts unknown ;-)~~

"That doggie shampoo is the BOMB!!!!  My Mimi looks beautiful.  She is super soft and smells sooo pretty!!!!"               
Donna C/ FL

"I am IN LOVE with my bath salts!  I don't know what kind of magic you put in there, but they are amazing!  After a long day, my aching body was so refreshed after my bath.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
"                 Michelle M/ FL

Love, love ..everything about The Soap Box. ...thrilled for them to be back!”                Kerry T/ FL

"Thank you so much for the BEST soap in the world!"
Colleen R/ FL

“This product is the best! The staff is outstanding. We are customers for life and will spread the word about this great product and the service we always receive when we shop at this location.”                    Susan W/ FL

"I've been plagued with "odorous" armpits for many years. Washing, showering, scrubbing, doctor prescriptions, market deodorants from A - Z, even special foods and diets, never worked to solve the problem. BUT, your deodorant product worked! So simple; so basic! Love it."               Ina J/ FL

"After trying everything for odor protection, I almost gave up on my detox regimen.  It had been causing such significant underarm odor, I couldn't stand it anymore.  Then I found your Back2Basics deodorant and I couldn't believe the results!  Odor...GONE!  I'm a forever customer and I'm spreading the word!  Thanks!"               Donna G/ FL

"I wanted to let you know that I recently tried the liquid Castile soap to clean my leather couch, and the results were amazing ! I was so pleased with how well the leather washed up.  It looks almost brand new after eight years of good wear. I just want to thank you again for the amazing product!"                          Renee W/ WV

"My husband bought me the scrub.  I love the salt that you used!"                        Ciara C/ FL

"My husband and I were in your store last Wednesday. I bought a bar of soap and a jar of deodorant and love it"        
Lori S/ FL

"You should add some man-scent to the liquid and sell it as a garage soap.  The liquid castile DEGREASED my car engine better than anything I've ever used!  I couldn't believe it!  Great product!"             Mark D/ TX

"Hi! I visited your store about a month ago with my best friend. We were both impressed with the quality of your soaps once we got home and tried them! I love how the soap lathers up so easily and how little you have to use. Not to mention how soft and clean my skin feels when I am done showering. I am looking to place an Internet order for more soaps since I live in WV.  Thanks again for the great conversation and the amazing product I'm so turned onto now!!! Thanks!"           
Renee W/ WV

"Hey we met yesterday, the girl with the coconut allergy.  Remember me? Well I tried your soap this morning and I haven't had any problems! I used it everywhere my hair face etc. Its amazing my hair is soft and manageable no conditioner needed! And I haven't had any kind of allergic reaction! I'm amazed! Thank you ! I will definitely be back for more."
Trish B/ FL

"I gave a bar of soap to a friend of mine that has dry hair and a very dry scalp. He has been using it now for about two weeks and his flakes are just about gone and his hair is much softer! He was just about to buy one of those expensive medicated shampoos. So thrilled with this soap, it's all natural and much cheaper!"             Cheryl Y/ FL

"I have a great story to tell you but I have to start this out by saying my family LOVES your soap!!!  My daughter and I started using Back 2 Basics Soap in August of 2012 and we have not been able to go back to using regular soap. I started having my 4 year old daughter use it because she was having a bad episode with her eczema. Since using the soap she has not had a single episode!!  This past week we went on a family vacation to Disney world I took one bar for the whole family to use thinking it would be enough... Well I was wrong, (we forgot our little soap saver :-( ) we ended up running out so unfortunately we had to use the bars of soap the hotel give to all their guests.
After one use of the hotel soap I was so grossed out with how my skin felt I had to jump into the shower and wash with the Back 2 Basicis Soap as soon as we got home!   I don't think we will be able to use any other soap ever again! It has changed our lives so much since August 2012!!
Keep up the AMAZING job your doing!!!"            Katie G/ FL

"I really enjoyed my visit to your store.  My teeth never felt so clean after I used the soap that you introduced me to.  Thank you again and I hope to see you soon."         Ordelia A/ FL

"Hey there! Just wanted you to know that I LOVE your soap and I had absolutely no problems with breakouts! Jim and I will stop to see you next month and stock up."     Genny J/ FL part-time

"We love your passion, your products."
    Mary S/ FL

"Congratulations on a great Grand Opening!! Thanks for drawing my name....it was thrilling!! We love the soap as you know, but I want to do more & will be converting everything over to your cleaning recipes...we wish you continued success!! See you soon!"                              Jean K/ FL

"My son brought me two bars of this soap to try.  He said he used it for everything, shampoo, showering, shaving, and he really liked it.  I'd had an outbreak of some sort on my elbows which hadn't gone away in over a month.  My skin there was scabbed, dry and cracked.  I figured it couldn't hurt to try the soap since it was natural.  Well in 5 days there was such a dramatic improvement, I couldn't believe it.  The cracks were gone and the skin was softer.  After two weeks my elbows were back to normal!  A couple weeks later, I decided to go back to my old shower gel.  Big mistake!  Within a week, the dry skin came back.  I went back to the BACK2BASICS soap and my elbows began to clear up immediately.  Needless to say, I'm hooked!  Great product!                        Jaye K/ FL

"This soap for me was a GOD send.  It is wonderful, and I use it for everything shampoo, toothpaste, laundry and bath beauty bar. Thank you, what a gift."                 Jayi S/ FL

"I purchased my first bar of soap at the PSL Green Market and
absolutely loved it! I have since bought several bars for gifts and now have all my family using it. We now have 3 Generations benefiting from this amazing product. Thank you."          
Lynn M/ FL

Soap made the old fashioned way.  I love it!  I use this soap to shower and shampoo with and it lathers up great down to the last drop.  Thanks for making a handcrafted soap that I'm confident will help to minimize the toxic overload that we're exposed to on a daily basis.  I feel good knowing that my money is supporting a small business member of the local community.  Take that you multinational corporations!"
Matt D/ FL

"I am looking forward to getting the soap [by mail].  I love it!"
Carolyn W/ FL

"Love your soap by the way and will be purchasing more!"                  Mark F/ FL

"I strongly urge the owner of this company to change the soap's name. Back2Basics doesn't fully describe the entire experience, therefore I suggest this soap be called Back2FrigginAwesome ! This soap is not just environmentally friendly (more like environmentally BEST friendly), not only is it luxurious, for lack of a better word to describe it's silkiness, not only is it ridiculously inexpensive, not only is it a hand crafted product from someone's home - not factory, and because of it's multifaceted abilities it actually cut down my shower time to HALF Love love love this soap! Really, consider it... Back2FrigginAwesome!"
Jason F/ NY

"I've been sampling out your soap everyone loves it and i just want to thank you for everything it is that you do for the world we live in."                     Dominic D/ FL

"Thanks for the soap! I really like it and have been using the little bars to wash at the sink and in the shower. It leaves my skin soft without residue or heavy smells."          Valerie R/ FL

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